The belief in a supernatural force is as ancient as creation . It is an act that summons creation itself and such that the believer unleashes faith on his spiritual attributes.

Man is a spirit and that is a force to be reckoned with if approximately deduced to the barest components of his being. The mysteries of the supernatural is detailed in the JUJUMAN concept and its physical connection that serves as conduit to the universality of man on a day by day, is exploited and exposed to the best of our knowledge. The development leads us to creation and although the directory is mythological, occasioned by eons of evolution and centuries of story telling tradition; we are in this concept expunging certain mind boggling theories, hypothesis and laws of nature.Undiscerning men tend to refer to this as magic, juju, voodoo and in healthier views as miracles.But nature's secret encapsulated in deities still unfold in trickles.This is not to say that Chukwu, God the Almighty does not exist rather it is to staunchly imbue this presence in the minds of our readers. Religion as a concept would rather play a background role as JUJUMAN will adhere to individualism and how man can realize the power of faith and belief in a supernatural.Thence the approach with which we will take will only serve to enshrine man's belief in his existentialism as a spirit that is created to inhabit this universe. The JUJUMAN is a concept based on several Igbo myths and mysteries.Eri having been the first man created by God is given the dominion over all the elementals of the earth and the universe beyond.This great power is represented by a symbolic right hand Aka Ikenga.It is to be understood here that whereas the Igbo in reality understands the power or significance of the Ikenga, JUJUMAN will dare to let us know that this power has been played down over the centuries. Several Igbo communities would rather have the Ikenga as a tool or little god, but JUJUMAN brings out the supernatural from Ikenga so much so we have smaller gods fighting over its possession. JUJUMAN is man's faith and ability to take dominion of all things as Chukwu gave Eri. People usually refer to juju or magic because they cannot understand this great power. The name JujuMan is just man's physical level.Therefore we have it on good authority that we are dealing with a god concept. This is how man becomes god.

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