“Great Palaver between Aro Chiefs and Sir R. Moore.” — European take on the aftermath of the British invasion of Arochukwu

"[…] Gin bottles, cooking pots, human and animal skulls, lay about in disorder, a silent witness to the past orgies. A sacrifice of some sort was always in progress here, and when the place was first visited, it was being carried out by starving a white goat to death near the entrance to the place. A watch-house was situated in the bush a hundred yards back. It was for the suppression of this state of things that the Aro Field Force was organised at Old Calabar, and a short but sharp campaign of three months sufficed to put an end to it. The towns belonging to the truculent natives were burned, and a wholesome lesson given to the inhabitants of the power of law and order. Many of the Aros were fearless, but many again were frightened at the tactics of the white man, who came to them as a new power, for until now they had only heard by rumour that such men lived. […]"

The Aro Country, Southern Nigeria. Scottish Geographical Magazine, 1900s.

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