About KBSverse

KBS comics universe is a shared reality for various characters ranging from everyday people to the less mundane, a supernatural and a magical universe to unknown entities in realities many tale bearers forgot. Sound exciting yet?
Needles to also point out the educational experience it portends. This is the home of characters like The JujuMan, Herdsman, Sharadum, SkyRanger, Ijele, TheMenders, theKritans, YelowDeath, Dim Man and many more unfolding. 
Many will ask where have all these characters sprung from. A few readers may yet identify with some of these characters how ever it is imperative to introduce some of them as we will be seeing in the immediate future. 
Starting of, we will usher you into the universe, which has a foothold on an African principal setting; by our very first publication which is a graphic novel JUJUMAN:THENOIR CHRONICLES.
This book, for the sake of production logistics will be released in chapters. Each chapter may or may not come with a preview edition, however an extended preview edition will be usher in chapter one. 
This will enable readers to get an insight of what the story is about and also to introduce some important key elements as the twist and turns of the tale permits. 
You will be introduced to the Jujuman, the Dibia League, the Head Hunter, the gods and the important people that have roles to play in this novel and the universe at large. In this universe, the reality is very much like the reality we know except there are fictional aspects in order not to impingeon any copyright laws. 
In the course of the saga, don’t be surprised to have some earlier listed characters pop in and out. You are assured most of these characters have been around for a longtime when this universe was in the underground 
publishing. The comic scene in Nigeria suddenly woke up and be assured it woke these characters. They have long been KBS characters trademarks and its not even surprising that of all the talented creativity ongoing, none has reckoned to create any character nearly as unique as ones you will get to meet in the KBSverse. 
Africa is the theme and purposefuly so because most mainstream comic media usualy glorify the west leaving Africa much more bare with nothing more than a distorted view. Remedy? KBS creators and founders are African based and deeply rooted in the traditions while also well versed in many other cultures. 
Expect a thrilling experience and remember the day you read this here for this is ……in the beginning.


Our Team



This young stalwart is passionate about anything creative. Majored in Arts, Information Technology and into basic Electrical appliances manufacturing; Lasbrey has the capacity to work like a clock. He shares the same visions with the co-founders of KBS comics as a graphic outlet for enlightenment and entertainment. Domiciled in the United States, he has also embarked on several research projects in Africa to bring the world closer to the continent. KBS comics main objective is to create a legacy of unravelling Africa in its glory and bring to the world a view of the real story about the continent. This is a legacy Lasbrey wants to be part of.



Vice President / Creative Director/Co-Founder

He is not called Artman in error.Known for his fast drawing on any platform with any known tool and for a coinage nick name associated with this drawing style ' 0.6 seconds'; Chima is a totality of Art personified. He majored in Art.This does not come literally for he is an adept at painting and sculpture too. He shares the same visions with the co-founders of KBS comics as a graphic outlet for enlightenment and entertainment. He has held several exhibitions, lectured in a number of Art seminars.He developed his own self taught animation technique and has not relented in his research towards perfecting the 3D animation in the Nigerian movie scene.He is also a great script writer both for Nollywood and also for other comic companies.He has illustrated various projects too for other comic outfits. He is passionate in reaching out and in telling the real stories the world doesn't know about Africa.This ambition makes him want to be part of the KBS legacy.


Vice President/Production Executive/Co-Founder

Vice President/Production Executive/Co-Founder Kelly is a sensational writer who started writing at a very young age.He also started producing comics just at same time.Although majored in Engineering, he has never slacked in putting up one article or another.Several unpublished written works included novels and short stories. He shares the same vision with the co-founders of KBS comics as a graphic outlet for enlightenment and entertainment. Kelly has the instinctive ability to draw too and hence his foray into art.His specialty is portrait drawing but he will rather bring out his characters vividly in his writing. Another past time he enjoys is historical researches and this comes in handy as he with other KBS creators seek to leave a legacy that will show exactly what the world have been missing in Africa.

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